Here at VCF we offer a truly bespoke design process for your wedding cake. Couples are invited to our studio in Whitwood, where they have the chance to sample popular cake flavours whilst browsing the various cake designs VCF has done previously and chatting about their dreams for a perfect Wedding cake. We truly believe that you can create anything if you really put your mind to it, which is why VCF never makes the same cake twice and each cake is designed with a reflection to the couple it belongs to. We realise that not everyone can imagine the look of a cake, which is why we sketch and colour the design as we chat about your likes and dislikes. We then re-sketch the cake and fully colour it when the design is complete. We cater for all themes whether it be more traditional, modern, novel or a mixture of all three, there really is no limit to what you can have.

Prices and Portion guide –

Since all cakes are designed and made to exacting standards, and each cake receives our full attention, our prices reflect the personal and premium service we offer to every one of our couples. We do however always try to cater for different budgets therefore please do get in touch and we will be delighted to discuss options to suit your requirements.

Wedding cake starting prices –

3 tier cakes from £300
4 tier cakes from £350
5 tier cakes from £450
non-traditional/novelty cakes from £500

Celebration cake starting prices –

6” from £55
8” from £70
10” from £95
2 tiers from £80
3 tiers form £120
Novelty/Shaped cakes from £150